Dubai Government

About Economic Policy & Research Center

The Economic Policy & Research Center (EPRC) has been in operation as part of the DEC since 2006. As such, its capacity to produce sound policy advice has grown tremendously over the years especially with the expansion and investment in its human capital. Consequently, EPRC has steadily attained higher output targets, both in the production of policy evaluation reports - i.e., more than 50 advisory reports - and the creation of suitable environments for effective policy debate - i.e., organizing conferences and seminars hosted in Dubai with the presence of reputable national and international speakers. It is the intention and aim of the EPRC to continue in such a growing path in order to effectively contribute to the role of DEC as a leading adviser to the Government of Dubai on medium and long-term development policies, at the macro, institutional and social development level.

Core Activities

  • Macroeconomics & Forecasting Department
    Development Macroeconomics
    • Strategies and comparative development experiences for economic diversification and growth
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Ongoing Projects

  • Public Finance, Monetary and Fiscal Policy
  • Productivity, industrial structure, & export performance in Dubai
  • The global financial crisis: Update
  • Public-Private Partnerships & Energy
  • Trade and regional integration of Dubai's strategies
  • Socio-economic aspects of human development in Dubai


  • To conduct and publish economic studies in order to understand and develop all development aspects of the Emirate of Dubai.
  • To conduct economic reports and forward them to the decision-makers of Dubai.
  • To circulate essential economic reports to investors and constituents of the Emirate.
  • To enhance the development and intellectual accumulation process in the Emirate.