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About Legal Affairs & Research Center

Established in 2007, the Legal Affairs & Research Center (LARC) serves as the DEC's advisory on all legal and regulatory matters, local and federal, that affect Dubai's economy. It actively participates in the development of legal policies and strategies by advising the Government of Dubai and introducing reforms.

The LARC's duties include researching and drafting legislative initiatives and assisting in efforts required for passage, analyzing and monitoring commercial, corporate, foreign investment, labor, industry, finance, insurance and real estate related legislation, and providing information and services to legislators and their constituents. . It addition to providing legal counsel to the Government of Dubai's Legal Affairs Department, the official legislative regulator, the LARC has established successful relationships with numerous local government and regulatory agencies.


Due to the confidential nature of the work undertaken, the LARC is unable to provide further information on their projects. For further enquiries please contact the LARC at:


  • To study and revise regulatory and legislative projects proposed by the Government of Dubai's Legal Affairs Department and providing them with the appropriate counsel.
  • To submit proposals and recommendations regarding the modernization and amendments occasionally involved in business legislations for Dubai, including conducting specialized studies in this field
  • To form technical committees of legal experts working in both public and private entities to study economic laws and legislations
  • To represent the DEC's Secretariat General in committees formed by the Government of Dubai's Legal Affairs Department to study and draft local and federal legislative projects, to study and negotiate on economic treaties, agreements or MOUs with foreign bodies, and to voice viewpoints before becoming involved in these commitments.
  • To prepare, research, and publish legal studies and legislation concerning economic policy affairs.
  • To perform any other tasks linked to the mandates of DEC's Secretariat General.