Dubai Government

Strategic Planning & Operations

The Strategic Planning & Operations Department is the technical and strategic arm of DEC's Secretariat-General. With an eye to playing a leading part in the Council's success, the role of the office is to ensure that the DEC, its affiliated agencies, and support activities are best positioned to successfully achieve their goals and objectives. At the heart of the SP&O department's role lies the responsibility to be proactive in determining the Council's needs particularly in terms of establishing and pursuing the strategic and business initiatives that would not only fulfil medium-term needs but also maintain the Council's vision for its future.

In this effort, the SP&O will provide the Secretary General with all the support that is essential to the process of setting the organizations' future directions, through making the key decisions both at the organization and department levels in such areas as resource allocation, policy and procedure needs, as well as providing the guidance that would enable a partnership with each department in the area of successful project management processes.

The DEC annually reviews its strategic and operational plans at the organization level. This is then cascaded to the various departments, which in turn develop individual strategic plans that are aligned to those of the DEC's overall strategy. The SP&O department facilitates these processes through heavy involvement in the aforementioned processes of strategy review and alignments in a manner that enables the DEC to achieve the following:Read More


  • Set organisational goals, objectives and performance measurement criteria in a manner that enables the achievement of the organisation's vision.
  • Identify, develop, and implement the annual strategic plan, in conjunction with the Council's strategic vision, that defines the targets and tactical / short term objectives of each department.
  • Oversee the collection and evaluation of external and internal information relevant to the organisation's present and future state.
  • Implement a feedback and measurement system to ensure the implementation of approved plans and budgets at all levels.
  • Supervise the alignment, and progress on the business agendas, of all departments and initiatives and provide an Observatory Report with action plans to the Secretary General.
  • Assist all line directors to review the Secretary General's annual operational plan.
  • Develop business practice in a way that ensures the alignment of the Council's strategic plan with Dubai's Strategic Plan 2015.
  • Provide upper management with timely and accurate performance appraisal reports on all initiatives and departments.
  • Evaluate the accomplishments of all initiatives and departments in relation to planned activities (with emphasis on deviations warranting closer examinations in the light of established evaluation standards) and report results to the Secretary General.