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The Dubai Economic Council  is an advisory body established by the Government of Dubai in 2003 under the name "Dubai Council for Economic Affairs". In 2007, some clauses of the council's law have been amended including the name of the council to "Dubai Economic Council".

A. The Council’s main function is to advise the Government of Dubai on its economic policies to enhance the sustainable economic development process in the Emirate of Dubai.

A. The Council’s membership is comprised of notable business leaders representing the diverse sectors of Dubai’s economy, both public and private

A. The Council’s main focus is on macroeconomic issues that have a long term strategic impact on Dubai’s economy, in addition to other microeconomic issues.


The Council derives its policy recommendations through various ways, such as conducting cutting-edge studies and forming ad-hoc committees consisting of the Council’s General secretariat and representatives of national institutions from the public and private sectors. The issues are then discussed by the Council during its periodical meetings. It is during these meetings that the Council formulates its policy recommendations, which are then forwarded to the Government of Dubai.

A. As per its remit, the Council has, and continues, to produce many consultations and recommendations to the Government of Dubai in terms of its economic policies. The recommendations made by the council have enhanced the sustainable economic growth of Dubai, notably controlling inflation in the local and national economy; establishing free trade agreements between the UAE and other countries, reviewing the strategic plans of some ministries and local departments in Dubai, reviewing drafts of local and federal commercial laws, advising on policies to confront the impacts of global financial crisis on Dubai and UAE economy. In addition, the Council has initiated the Dubai Competitiveness Council (DCC), the Dubai Economic Policy Research Institute (DEPRI) and the Legal and Regulatory Affairs Department (LRAD).

A. The main function of the Council is, as it has been mandated, to provide the Government of Dubai with specific recommendations related to its economic policies, thus, the Council is not responsible for providing services to the public directly. However, institutions and individuals who have an interest in the economic matters of Dubai and the UAE, are able to access information through the Council’s many activities and publications.

A. The main role of the Council’s Secretariat General is to provide the Council with support in terms of crafting its own strategic plan, proposing initiatives, conducting economic studies, and conducting the various activities the Council engages in to fulfill its mandate, i.e. to advise the Government of Dubai on its economic policies.

A. The Council can be contacted either by telephone on 04-2088100 or by emailing